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If you are invited to play in an online match for the club, you must follow our code of online conduct.
Code of online conduct
  1. You are welcome to be a spectator at online club matches, but must not use the chat function.
  2. Do not join matches to which you were not invited by the captain.
  3. Do not use chess engines, books or the suggestions of spectators.
  4. Do not use the online chat function.
  5. Follow the fair play rules.
Fair Play

You must comply with platform fair play rules as listed here: Key points:

  1. You must not receive assistance of any kind during the game.
  2. You must not let your clock run down in a lost position.
  3. You must not disconnect rather than use the resign button.
Crucial tips

You must join the relevant Petts Wood team on or well before the start of the match.
Please log in to the match at least five minutes before the start.
Remember that if your first move is not made within 60 seconds, you will lose the game.
If you make a move on the board but your clock keeps running down, refresh the page, or else log in again.
If you lose connection during the game, log in again as quickly as you can. You have 60 seconds to do this.
Use your time wisely and keep an eye on the clock.

If you are accused of cheating

Most online chess platforms use anti-cheating software. If you cheat, you may be disqualified from the platform for a month or longer. The platform anti-cheating measures are described here:

If you are accused of cheating, a sub-committee consisting of the Chairman and/or Junior Co-ordinator; the Tournament Organiser and/or the Captain; and if an extra person is needed to form a quorum of three, a co-opted strong member of the club, will decide whether the allegation is justified, and if so, what sanction should be imposed. This might be exclusion from online matches for a period or permanently; and in the case of a repeat offence, expulsion from the club.

If you believe that your opponent cheated

Contact or

Data Protection

Your online username, rating, and results may be emailed to club members and put on the club’s website.
The competition organiser and the relevant platform may also publish these details.

Conditions of Entry

By agreeing to play in an online match, you are deemed to have agreed to the platform’s terms, and the club’s rules set out in this policy.