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What do you do when you are not playing chess?
I am a Technology Sales professional with over 20 years of experience in serving the Financial Services sector. I am currently engaged in the startup /SME sector, helping young disruptive Founders / CEOs as a Sales & Marketing Advisor and Mentor.

What is your role in the club?
I am the club’s Secretary. I aim to explore and support increased opportunities of engagement for our members catering for a superior chess experience.

Why did you join the club?
I joined the club as a parent of an 8 year old chess player. My son has benefitted immensely from the exposure to the wider chess fraternity. He went on to join the English Chess Academy as a result of his progress at the game, thanks to the opportunities offered by the club for socialising, coaching, playing tournaments and learning from other club members.

What do you like about chess?
The sheer intellectual stimulation offered by the game for mental fitness, its contribution to gaining vital life-skills particularly for youngsters, combined with the possibility of cultivating new relationships through the social route.

What’s the best thing about being a member?
Getting to socialise, know and meaningfully engage with members, and as a committee member, help adapt the club to the new environment we are in especially in the Covid era with greater emphasis on online chess.

Who is your chess hero?
Bobby Fischer

What chess book have you found most helpful?
Chess Master versus Chess Amateur by Max Euwe.