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Welcome to Chit Club

Our Story


So happy to have visited Chit Club last Sunday! Lots of interesting games, delicious food, and friendly atmosphere!

Gemma Martin

Amazing place to spend your spare time. The staff is very nice, always help and do care about the clients’ comfort. Thanks!

Philip Grey

I had a great time at Chit Club with my family. Children were so excited when they saw the range of games you offer. Amazing job, guys!

Macey Collins

Game Benefits

Benefits of Playing Board Games

A game, generally, adds joy to life, but board games additionally teach some unique skills and give a couple of really life-improving benefits. It’s not an activity that should be enjoyed once in a while when you get bored or something, but a great chance to level up your power of problem-solving skill.

Teaches problem solving

Games can reduce stress

Encourages teamwork

Teaches to set goals